I hold a bachelor's degree in child and family development from Western Michigan University. Through my education, I gained plenty of knowledge in the classroom as well as out of the classroom. Through fieldwork, observation, and internship experience I continuously built upon my understanding of lifestyle topics for four years.

Outside of writing, I have experience in multiple daycares, preschool, and nonprofit organizations.

Here are some of my past projects...



I have written blog posts for...

  • Simply Family Magazine

  • Baby Shusher

  • Baby Delight

I have also ghostwritten blogs for...

  • The HOTH

  • Monkey Joe's Indoor Playground

  • Bump'n Bundles

  • Lil Labels

Feel free to check out some of my personal blog samples as well!

Topics I cover include...

  • Child development, as well as topics related to children (ex: activity ideas, learning skills, behavioral advice)

  • Home design

  • Conflict management/communication

  • Product reviews

  • Animals

  • Relationships

  • Lifestyle/Health

I have a wide array of experience besides this, so if you have a topic you need to be covered, reach out and we can talk about it!


I have experience writing a self-help book for parents/music teachers. This book offered guidance for communicating with children as well as techniques for supporting their skills.

I have also written two books in a children's book series highlighting the behavioral and emotional impacts that an abusive household has on a child. This book series shines a light on the fact that many children who are considered "bullies" are actually just coping with their home life.

I have edited this book series as well!


I've written copy for dozens of websites and brands. Through The HOTH I've been able to optimize search results and write compelling home pages and product descriptions.

Cosmetics companies, healthcare offices, and realty companies are just a few niche areas I've created copy for.

Check out a few of my samples here!


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