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Fall Activities that Won’t Break Your Budget

As fall rolls around again, activities pop into our heads to celebrate the season. We know the basic activities; go to an apple orchard, carve a pumpkin, go to a festival/parade, etc.

Unfortunately, between ticket prices, supplies, food, and possible travel, trying to check every fall activity off of your bucket list can become very expensive, very fast.

So, what can you do if you don’t have the budget for all of these activities?

Get creative at home! I have created a list of three activities that can be done at home for little to no money.

1. Hot Cocoa Stand

Who doesn’t love sipping on a delicious cup of hot cocoa when the leaves begin to change color? Fall is the perfect time to host a hot cocoa stand!

To make things interesting, have each member of the family either invent, or choose a hot cocoa recipe to make. Maybe you want to add some peanut butter, or cinnamon, or even apple slices! This is your time to get creative with your kiddos, I’m not judging.

Each family member can write out a description of their recipe for customers to see. Offer all of the flavors at your stand, and whoever sells the most of their hot cocoa recipe gets to choose what to do with the earnings!

(to add a charitable component, consider having the winner choose a cause to donate the proceeds to)

2. Have a Rake-Off

As the leaves change color, one drawback is having to take the time to clean them all up. Why not turn this boring chore into a fun family activity?

Host a rake-off! Plan a time slot and whichever family member can create the largest pile of leaves in that time will win a prize.

Here’s the catch, each member of the game must use an unconventional tool to rake the leaves. Brooms, utensils, tennis rackets, etc. The more creative you can get, the better!

Not only will participating in this activity create an opportunity for family bonding, but children must use their imagination to find a way to rake leaves with random objects. This is great for growing those problem-solving skills!

3. The Donut and Cider Olympics

Turn your backyard into your family’s own Olympic playground. Set up obstacles they must get through that require donuts and cider.

For example,

· Cider relay- Each participant must fill a cider cup to the brim and complete an obstacle course. Whoever has the fastest time and the most cider left in their cup is the winner!

· Donut grab- Hang some donuts from a tree or other tall item using string. Whoever can eat their donut (without using hands) first wins the event!

· Cider flip cup- Most adults have played or at least heard of flip cup. If you haven’t, here are the rules…

o There are cups (3 is a good number) lined up on a table that are partially filled with cider. Each participant must drink the cider in the cup and then flip the cup from a regular cup position, to a position where the cups are face-down.

o The first one to flip all of their cups is the champion!

With a little bit of creativity, you can create as many games as you would like!

After you have participated in these activities, challenge yourselves to create some of your own. There is no limit on the creativity you can use to organize fun, cost-efficient fall activities!

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