Productive Ways to Spend Your At-Home Work Breaks

If you're used to going to an office or other location for work every day, working from home may be starting to make you lose your mind a little bit.

I get it! Working from home every day is not for everyone. If you're starting to feel a little unmotivated and unsure of how to make the situation better, you're not the only one.

While we work at home, it can become a habit to just sit and stare at our phones when we have a free minute. For most of us, this isn't helping our productivity levels, so I created a list of alternative ways you can use your breaks!

Being Productive on Your Break at Home

Instead of catching up with the latest tweets and scrolling through Instagram, spend your break doing something you'll be glad you did later.

Here are my ideas:

Take a Walk

This is something I love to do when I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by my workload.

I grab some headphones, pull up a great playlist, and head outside for a walk. Even if it's just a short one, it's amazing what some fresh air and exercise can do for your mood.


Working at a desk all day is a killer for the shoulders, neck, and upper back. With chiropractors being a little "iffy" right now, it's important to practice daily stretching to loosen those muscles back up.

Try to make it a goal to get up and stretch quickly every hour, even if it's just moving your neck in circles and swinging your arms. When we feel better we work better, so remember to stretch throughout the day!

Get a Chore or Two Done

One downfall of working from home I've found is the weight you carry when you have chores to do.

You can't just escape to work and forget about them for the day, so you have them nagging at you and making it hard to focus. Start spending your breaks throwing in a load of laundry, picking up a few things off the ground, or watering your plants.

Not only will this help you clear your head but you'll have more time to relax when you're done for the day!

Do A Quick Yoga Session

This kind of falls in the same category as stretching, but yoga is much more than stretching.

Yoga allows you to relax, calm the mind, center yourself, and just take a minute to refresh your focus. Yoga is just as much of a mental break as it is a physical break from work. There are plenty of yoga videos on YouTube that are less than 5 minutes and perfect for a quick work break.

Play with Your Dog

Your new schedule is confusing for your four-legged friend.

They're used to you leaving for the day and having time for them when you get home. So, when you're home but you can't give them your undivided attention, it's confusing for them. If you have a minute, give their ball a couple throws so they know you see them.

I don't know about you, but seeing my dog excited and enjoying himself always brightens my day a little!

Close Your Eyes

I know, I know. This one sounds a little bad but stay with me.

I'm not saying you should go into a full-on slumber with its own REM cycle, but just lay down and shut your eyes for 10 minutes even if you don't fall asleep. That few minutes to just focus on nothing may give you the refresh you need to finish your day off strong.

While working from home may have a lot of disadvantages, one advantage is that your boss can't see how you spend your breaks! (You didn't hear that from me).

The point of a work break is to refresh yourself and clear your mind to do more work. So, if you're just sitting and stimulating your mind with more content on your phone, is that actually going to help? If you adore social media or phone games, by all means, keep doing your thing!

No judgment here.

However, if the scrolling isn't quite doing the trick, don't feel bad taking a few minutes completely away from your desk to take care of yourself. What you're doing is mentally draining and you deserve it.

Remember, take breaks when you need to, drink lots of water, eat when you need to, and do your best to make the best out of this situation. This is only temporary!

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