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What Are the Benefits of STEM Toys?

As you face the tough decision of when to cut off playtime and encourage your kiddo to study, you are probably wondering to yourself, “why can’t kids play and learn at the same time?”

Well, I have some news for you… This is totally a possibility.

How? Well, with STEM toys!

Before we get too deep into this, let’s talk about what STEM means, and what STEM toys are…

Defining STEM

STEM is actually an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM toys are toys that allow children to practice skills and learn concepts within these areas. So, in other words, kids are able to learn important skills in these innovative fields while having a blast!

STEM toys are gaining in popularity as we learn more and more about how these toys can benefit the cognitive and creative development of children.

So, what are these benefits?

Benefits of STEM Toys…

Besides the obvious benefit of learning all these concepts and skills through play, STEM is super beneficial for encouraging children to experiment and learn cause and effect. The more comfortable children feel exploring and trying new things, the more they will thrive in their educational journey.

STEM toys also pique an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Since these are all important fields, how awesome would it be for kids to become interested at such a young age?

Toys that encourage curiosity are also perfect for those kids who are always asking “why?” and want to know how everything works.

That early interest will continue through elementary school, high school, and potentially even college if it is fostered. The more a child enjoys learning about something the more they are going to want to continue to learn about it. Plus, play is also a major part of developing as it allows kids to be creative and use their imagination.

What better combo can you think of?

We need professionals like engineers, scientists, doctors, nurses, and IT specialists, so what better way to light that fire of curiosity in children than giving them toys that nurture it?

As we talk about what STEM is and the benefits, you are probably wondering what STEM toys look like…


As mentioned previously, STEM toys let kids practice concepts and skills in science, technology, engineering, and math. Things like counting, mixing, experimenting, and observing are possible with the use of STEM toys. These toys give children early exposure to these crucial skills.

Some examples of STEM toys are…

· Chemistry kits

· Microscope kits

· Counting games (ex: counting bears)

· Early coding kits

And so many more!

STEM toys are really any toy that gets your kiddo thinking deeper and using hands-on experimentation.

So, the next time you are browsing the toy section looking for the perfect toy, keep STEM in mind! Walk right past all those plastic figures that are probably going to end up in a landfill in two years and head right towards the STEM kits!

The benefits are endless, and who knows… maybe your kiddo will grow up to be the next Albert Einstein!

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